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Bilbao is beautiful and there are so many great places to take photos. So what are the best places to show your clout on social media? You could spend a lifetime in Bilbao with a camera in your hand and never capture all there is to see. Here are our Top 5 locations to capture for your Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook; okay boomer.

City Hall

This 19th century work of art stands out in its surroundings. The three archways and eight pillars at the front of the building, give this French architecture real pizazz. The roof includes a dynamic steeple and clock that provides an imperial look. The statues at the front add an element of elegance to the portrait of strength.

Not only is it a great place to pull out your camera each day but it is lit up each night and is one of the best places for night photography as well. 

If you cross the Nervion River to take more photos you can expand your shot dramatically. There is a large abstract sphere that can be included in shots. Plus, if there is enough wind you can capture the flag of Bilbao flapping in the breeze. This massive flag is located to the right of the building in the adjacent plaza.


This plaza is the heartbeat of Bilbao. Moyua is Bilbao's version of Trafalgar Square and provides many great photo opportunities. Renovations were completed in 1997 and have made Moyua very hospitable. Loaded with vibrant, blooming flowers and a beautiful fountain, you won't be alone in your hunt for the perfect shot.

The Hotel Carlton is located in Moyua. It was built in 1926 and and is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. The architecture is elegant and makes any photo pop. If you're interested in Staying at the Hotel Carlton follow this link.

The elements that you need to capture when at Moyua are the flowers, the fountain, the Spanish government building and the Iberdrola Tower in the background. If you work your magic you can get all of them in the same shot. It'll look great!

Other key elements to add to your photo shoot are the Metro Bilbao entrances; they are glass and sleek. The PKF Attest building also looks awesome when it's lit up.

Plaza Nueva

Plaza Nueva is the center of the Old town (Casco Viejo). This neoclassical square features 18 arches that 360 and frame the plaza. It's many cafes and restaurants create a festive vibe. Built in 1821, this four story chill spot is a favourite of locals and tourists alike.

If you are into Instagram stories or Tik Tok videos, Plaza Nueva is the ideal location. You can film the entrance to the plaza, and the architecture of the square. Then show off how great things are going by jumping around the plaza eating pintxos and enjoying some drinks. Show a little swagger, you know you want to...

Mount Arxanda

Arxanada is the best place in the city to get shots of the cityscape. It's easily accessible from the city centre and has some killer views. To get to the top you can take the bus, drive, hike or take the funicular. Nothing against the other options but the funicular is the best route to take. You can take photos and videos while the funicular heads up the mountain and plus, you can use the word funicular as a banner. It's fun.

The top of Arxanda has the words Bilbao/Bilbo (the city name in Spanish and Basque) over and over again as the railing around the viewpoint. You can get amazing shots of the Guggenheim, the Iberdrola Tower, along with the rest of the cityscape. Plus, you can include the lush green mountains that create the valley that Bilbao calls home. Now just include yourself in these shots and you're going to produce content to make your friends jealous.

The Puppy

The Puppy might be the most photographed feature in Bilbao. This giant floral dog is beautiful, adorable, and just plain makes people happy. Going to Bilbao and not getting a photo of yourself in front of the puppy is like going to the Louvre and not seeing the Mona Lisa. It's like going to Sydney and not seeing the Opera House. It's like Going to New York and not seeing Central Park. So yeah, get the shot, it's a classic.

There are a few different angles that are worth exploring when you're looking for the perfect shot. The first, is the original, directly in front of the puppy while it towers over you. The second, is off to the side a bit so you can capture the Guggenheim Museum (Museo) wording on the building behind. If you play your angle right you can include what the feature artist is as well.

Another great option is to go to the right side of this floral exhibition and include the Iberdrola tower in the photo. The images this angle produces are always crowd pleasers. Something about the bright colours of the puppy and the shade of glass used on Bilbao's single skyscraper, make for captivating photography.

Also, make sure to circle around the Guggenheim for other photos. The Spider in the back is worth an honorable mention. It should probably be on this list but it's proximity to the puppy made it difficult to include them both. Plus, it's not a top 6.

Bilbao is full of incredible places to take photos. If it was a sport's team it would be described as "stacked." From the views atop Arxanda to the culture within Plaza Nueva, Bilbao has images that need more than 10,000 words to describe. This top 5 will surely get you some extra attention on social.

Think that somewhere else should have made the list? We'd love to hear where and why you think they should crack the Top 5.

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