Top 5: Off-leash Dog Parks (Bilbao)


Bilbao is an increasingly dog friendly city. If you are walking outside you will see some furry friends along the way. The dogs in this Basque metropolis are very well socialized. There are many parks throughout the city that have an off-leash section. Here are our top 5.

For the most part the dogs of Bilbao are well behaved. Much of this is due to the high amount of interaction there is between them. The ability to be able to go to a park and let your dog off leash to socialize and play leads to better behaved dogs. The more a puppy is able to socialize while young the better they will be with other dogs as they get older.

The off-leash dog parks of Bilbao vary in size and what's around. Some of them have amazing views while others are more centrally located. Keeping that in mind let's jump into the top 5 off leash dog parks of Bilbao.

5: Miribilla Dog Park

The Miribilla Dog Park is located next to the Bilbao Arena. It may be the largest of the off-leash dog parks in the city. It is not as busy as some of the other parks, which can make it feel more relaxing.

The off-leash section itself is found at the lower part of the park. Although this off leash section is on the larger size compared to its alternatives it is also the most sloped. The Miribilla hillside provides a n expansive view across the valley towards the funicular on Mount Artxanda.

The Bilbao Metro system does allow pets under 8kg so if your little one meets that requirement there is the Miribilla station located a short distance away.

4: Parque Ibaieder

The off leash dog park at Parque Ibaieder is located in the La Pena neighborhood next to the Bilbao Estuary. It is roughly a ten minute walk from the Old Town (Casco Viejo). This popular riverside park provides a medium sized off leash section. It is located in the center of the park along the bend of the river.

Ibaieder park is further from the city centre than the other parks on this list but provides an interesting perspective to the city that won't be found at the other off-leash parks. It is next to the La Pena Falls where the Bilbao Estuary ends. Also, the views of the Larreagaburu Zubia (bridge) further down the river provide an interesting look at the elevation changes of the valley.

3: Parque Doña Casilda Iturrizar

Dona Casilda's Dog Park is the most centrally located of the dog off-leash parks in Bilbao. Like other off-leash parks in the city, the section dedicated to being off-leash is not fenced. The off-leash area is located on the north-western part of the park, towards the Melia Hotel.

This is a medium sized off leash area that is very popular. Your fur baby will meet lots of compatible play partners here. Its central location makes it easy to access. There is a tram stop right next to the park. The tram is pet friendly as long as your dog is on leash and well behaved.

2: Etxebarria Parkea

Etxebarria Park is one of the most iconic parks in Bilbao. It is a larger park and is famous for the giant chimney that sits in the center. Now a monument, it is the last remaining part of the factory that previously occupied the land. It is also worth mentioning that the views from this park are incredible.

The off-leash section of this park is located towards the skate park side of the park. This off-leash area is on the smaller side compared to the rest of the park, however, it does allow ample room for your four legged friend to frolic and play. This is a very popular park so the chance that your dog finds a suitable play partner is high.

1: Sarriko Dog Park

The Sarriko dog off-leash Park is located in a vibrant area of town. This park is very close to the Sarriko Metro station. Of the top five this is the only one north west of San Mames.

The dog off-leash section of this park is on the medium to large size and is located in a quiet area of the park. The grass area is spotted with large trees.

One of the coolest features of this park is that it has a dog agility training section. The features of the agility park include the slalom, through the tunnel, and the teeter totter. It is rare for a public dog park to have such an area.

Bilbao has many wonderful off leash dog parks in the city. They all offer something special that the others do not. If you've got a furry one that needs to run around and socialize and play there is a park for you both.

Let us know if you agree with our list or if there is an off leash dog park that we left out that you think should be on the list. We look forward to hearing from you. There are no wrong answers if your dog is having fun!

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