From a Fairytale: Taconera Gardens


The Taconera Gardens in Pamplona is one of the most peaceful places to spend some time, while in Navarre. This place of tranquility has beautiful flowers, birds in choir and perfectly choreographed pathways that play tour guide. Enchanting guests since its conception in 1830, these gardens continue to romance visitors. Come and immerse yourself in the splendor of La Jardines de la Taconera.


You really can't say enough of this park. It's timelessly beautiful and should be enjoyed by everyone that steps foot in Pamplona. It is conveniently located as an extension of Casco Antiguo. It is a relaxing local that contrasts nicely with the business of Plaza del Castillo.

The botanical gardens are spread over a grand space and have footpaths woven between them. These gardens are a fusion of divergent flora heritages that compliment each other nicely. Influences vary from all over the world including Asian, African and America.

Pro tip: The north side of the park sits atop some of the tallest walls that frame Casco Antiguo. If the skies are clear this is the best, and most romantic place to watch the sunset. The views of the city below, the mountains in the distances, and the changing colours of the sky above a fading sun, is fairytale-esque.


The far side of the park from Casco Antiguo has a variety of birds and where some deer call home. The deer wander between the old walls of the city, lazing around and drinking from the moat. The walking path around this area is raised. This leisurely stroll allows you to get relatively close to the deer without putting yourself in direct contact. The fact that the deer lounge below means that your views are never obstructed.

Known as one of the best places in the city for bird watching, a diversity of species like to frequent these gardens. Depending on the season, you may find yourself fortunate enough to hear one group of birds singing while others play with each other, in their seemingly scripted aerial dance. Some of the common birds you may be delighted to come across include kestrels, robins, and swifts. Birds of prey may also be observed at times, including the red kite.


There are some really nice monuments within the gardens. Two of the must see elements are the old gates to the city. These two gates are known as Portal de La Taconera (Taconera Gate) and Portal de San Nicolás (San Nicolás Gate).

San Nicolás Gate was built in 1660 as the entrance to the city on the southern wall. The gate was disassembled and moved to its current location in 1929. Taconera Gate was built in 1666 and served that same function as San Nicolás gate, but for the wesert wall. It was dismantled in the early 1900s and wasn't reassembled until 2002.

The Monument to Julián Gayarre is located on the north side of the park. It is a memorial to the great tenor of this region. It's inauguration into the park's landscape was in 1950. The base of the monument is a fountain while the rising column has 14 figures on it along with the crest of Navarre. Julián Gayarre stands atop the monument dressed in opera clothing we famously wore to a preform in Madrid.

While wandering around the many lovely gardens you will see smaller statues, monuments and fountains. They are spread throughout the park and add to the park's class and character. The city of Pamplona also has an English website that offers more detail about the different monuments.

The Gardens of Taconera are beautiful, and one of the must see attractions in Pamplona. Located next to the Old Town (Casco Antiguo) it is a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Plaza del Castillo. The birds are singing, the deer are lounging, the flowers are blooming and the walkways are wide. Treat yourself to a slice of tranquility and beauty by visiting this ancient oasis. It'll do the soul good.