Exploring Metro Bilbao: Indautxu 


Indautxu is one of the busiest metro stations in central Bilbao. There are a lot of things to do nearby and they are all within walking distance. The streets are wide, the atmosphere is buzzing and the food is sublime. Regardless, if you want to pub crawl, fine dine, or relax in a park next to a peacock, you'll find it in Indautxu.

Plaza Indautxu

Plaza Indautxu is a large plaza directly above the station entrance. Underground are a few shops including a grocery store. The plaza itself is a large open space where people like to gather and socialize.

There is a large roofed oval that circles the center of the park. and is surround by trees. Under the roof are plenty of benches that allow reprieve from the hot days sun. The benches are nicely spread out so that you have lots of choice of where to sit without having others be overly close to you on the next bench over.

On the far side of the park there is a children's playground. There are some spring rockets, a slide, some swing sets along with some climbing structure. This area is often quite active.

During the holiday season the city puts a giant Christmas tree in the center of the square. It is all decorated and lit up during the evenings. It truly provides much Christmas spirit

Azkuna Zentroa - Alhondiga Bilbao

The Azkuna Zentroa is a cultural centre like no other. This old factory has been renovated and converted into a plethora of realms to tantalize your senses. This attraction is free to visit and 100% worth your time. The pillars alone are fascinating.

The Azkuna also contains a gym with a rooftop pool, which can be viewed inside from the ground floor. Venture to the rooftop terrace if you desire to lounge under the sun.

Inside are a variety of restaurants, a gift shop, and a tourist information kiosk, where they speak English. There is also a three story library that is yours to explore; which even has an art exhibition inside!

While on the topic of art exhibits if you head downstairs there is an area dedicated to the arts. There is a large rotating gallery that celebrates Basque artists. Downstairs also has an auditorium and a cinema.

Poza Street

Poza street is where it's happening. If you're looking for a night out or a bar hop, here's the place. It is full of places to wet your whistle, and enjoy some food. When it's the weekend or a holiday, Poza's may be so busy that the party, spills out onto the street.

You'll know you are on Poza if you look up and down the calle (street). The street concludes at San Mames stadium, where the Athletic Club Bilbao soccer team calls home. You can see the giant projection screen on the outside of the building for a couple of kilometers (over a mile). Not coincidentally, Poza is an active place on Athletic Club game days. It is also a popular spot after concerts.

If you are interested in a different vibe, Poza is also a great street to explore Bilbao's excellent gastronomy. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from that vary from economical to a Michelin star, in the case of Zarate. If you can't find something you like on Poza, then you don't like food.

Euskadi Plaza

Euskadi Plaza sits inside a large oval that directs traffic. This plaza is also where the Iberdrola tower is located, which is the only skyscraper in Bilbao. The Iberdrola tower is one of the most popular elements in Bilbao photography.

The inner part of Euskadi Plaza has a large walking path, with ample seating. A large portion of the plaza is dedicated to a grassed greenspace. Trees encapsulate the plaza and prevent much of the traffic noise from intruding into this relaxing environment.

Surrounding the plaza are a variety of restaurants and cafes with patios facing the plaza. Nearby, there is the city's main shopping mall, part of the Deusto University and gift shop.

Across the street, as part of Dona Casilda Park, is the Bilbao Fine Art Museum. It is made up of a hybrid of architectures and is yours to enjoy. There is an entrance fee, but it is quite reasonable. There are both seasonal and permanent galleries to be savoured and enjoyed.

Dona Casilda Park

Dona Casilda Park is the main park downtown. It has a little bit of everything. If you want to meander, there are plenty of paths and places to relax. There are many fountains and monuments to admire on your stroll.

This park is set on a hillside that slopes towards a pond. This pond is also a little refuge for a variety of birds, including peacocks. There is a small fence that sounds the pond where children like to gather and watch the bird paddle around the pond.

The upper west section has a few different fountains and a roofed area, if you need to escape the sun. In the middle of one of the fountains is a bust of Dona Casilda. Dona Casilda donated the land for this park.

The opposite side of Dona Casilda Park has a kiosk that sells pintxos and beverages in a laid back outdoor setting. It's a great place to kick back and enjoy an afternoon. Nearby, there is a large children's playground that is often vibrating with youthful exuberance. It has multiple climbing structures, some spring rockers and swing sets.

Indauxtu station is an ideal starting point for seeing this community. It's a great area to spend the day and has something for everyone. The parks are beautiful, the food is exquisite and the neighbourhood is vibrant. Located between Moyua and San Mames stations, Indautxuu is brimming with possibilities.