Florida Parkea: Alava's Premier Gardens


Florida Parkea is a 200 year old site of relaxation and beauty. It possesses beautiful French botanical gardens, whimsical pathways and art pieces. This park is a welcome oasis from the summer's sun and has nearly 200 different species of plants and trees. It's where the birds come to join in choir and where you can go to recharge and find escape.

The Bandstand Area

The Bandstand is located on the southern side of the park. This is where most of the live performances occur. This octagonal gazebo is painted white with a red base. The stage stands a couple meters above the surrounding area. The arches and crown moulding are the most elegant elements.

Surrounding the bandstand is a large plaza for viewing. It is separated from the rest of the park by a black fence. There are eight pillars that signify the four access points to this plaza. Large statues stand on four of the wall's pillars, in different quadrants. These ancient figures look into the plaza and provide a feeling of safety and security.

Eastern Side

Leaving the gazebo area, head down the large open path. This path heads towards a small restaurant. The restaurant is largely made out of glass, and lets you really settle in and get acquainted with the soothing presence the park provides. There is also a covered patio if you prefer to dine outside.

The pathway from the gazebo to the restaurant is spacious so you don't feel huddled together with the others enjoying the area. There are plenty of benches under the tree's canopy that are great places to sit and listen to the birds sing.

On both sides of this generous walking path are gardens. The gardens boast a variety of colours and species of flowers. Each garden has a small fountain in the middle, as the cherry on top.

Northern Side

The north side of the park is more whimsical. It has large sequoias in grassed areas and thinner walking paths. The paths wind around in a casual and relaxed way. There is a bench, in what seems like every 20 steps. They are situated strategically, so that you aren't looking directly at another bench.

There is a small man made river that dances throughout this area of the park. Paths wind around and over the river on small pedestrian bridges. Old wooden fences protect some areas of the park while other areas transition from pathway to greenspace with little mediation. Some pathways go under arches that hold up other hillside pathways.

There are a couple sections that have pathways up little hills. At the top of one of these little hills are several seating areas. They are made of concrete or stone and have been decorated with a multitude of oblong tiles. It brings a funky Alice in wonderland feel to the area.

Monuments & Statues

Throughout the park you will come across pieces of art. Some will be artistic monuments that help fill out the park and inspire thought. Some are located in the middle of the gardens while others are in the center of seating areas. These pieces are often conversation starters for curious minds.

There are multiple statues that can be found around Florida Park. They are historical figures of significance to the area. One of them is of a man leaning against a park bench while another is of José Ignacio Aldecoa e Isasi. Ignacio was a well known poet and author. He was born in Vitoria and passed away in 1969, at the age of 44.

Florida Parkea is located in central Vitoria. Just a short walk from the Plaza of the Virgen Blanca, this central park was built in the 1820's using a French romance style. This relaxing park contains botanical gardens, a bandstand and a sauntering river. There are nearly 100 different species of trees that provide ample amounts of shade, a nice retreat on hot summer days .The many walking paths allow you to meander at your own pace, taking it in your way. When in Vitoria, Florida Park is one place you must visit.

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