Erandio: Evolving Along the Estuary


Erandio is a city located between the Port of Bilbao and downtown Bilbao. This area was once mainly a village of industry. Nowadays this city offers the community feel of a town while still being in Metro Bilbao. This spunky city is transitioning from industry towards the next phase of its evolution.

Once known as mostly a fishing and shipping area, Erandio is transitioning towards a well rounded vibrant city. Though parts of Erandio are still industrial, the core of the city is family friendly with many parks to enjoy. There is a lovely plaza in front of the city hall that makes you feel like you're in a small town, not the largest Basque city.

Getting There

Erandio is essentially part of Bilbao so you don't have to go far. The simple journey is to take the Bilbao Metro. The aptly named Erandio Station is located on line 1 and usually arrives every seven minutes. If you are coming from downtown Bilbao you'll want to take the metro in the direction of Plentzia. It is the second stop after lines 1 and 2 split off.

If you would rather drive to Erandio, it is roughly 10km from Moyua Plaza and will take you about 15 minutes. There is free parking available along stretches of the Riberia Erandio which is the street that parallels the Bilbao Estuary.

Plaza Irailaren

Plaza Irailaren is just a few hundred steps from the Erandio Station and is a peaceful square for relaxing. The outer section of the plaza provides many benches that frame large treed planters. As summer approaches so does the amount of shade these trees provide. On the west side of the park one of the benches is purple in solitude for the suffrage of women's rights. The opposite side of the park features a statue of two children enjoying each other's company.

In the center of the plaza is a beautiful pergola. The black wrought iron railings provide a touch of elegance. The styling of the crown railings balance well with the white roof.

One side of the park is flanked by the Erandio City Hall. Architecturally, the Erandio City Hall is the most beautiful building in the city. It's many arches and bright red colour provide a warmth and welcoming feeling. The clock atop the facade is a nice juxtaposition to the concrete and wrought iron terrace railings below. Across the plaza from the City Hall are several restaurants with patios to enjoy.

Santi Brouard Parkea

Santi Brouard Parkea is at the rear of the Erandio City Hall. This small park is a great place to bring the kids. This is the only playground in the core of Erandio that is roofed. It offers two swings, two spring riders, and a jungle gym that features two slides.

There are quite a few other parks around the city centre. Statues of children and historical figures can be found throughout the town. One of the more endearing statues you may find is of a girl rollerblading.

Around Parque Bizkotxe

On the northwestern side of the city center is Parque Bizkotxe. This park sits on a hill side and contains benches with deciduous tree covering. Across the street is an open field with a playground. A fenced off-leash dog park is positioned in the corner closest to the street

Just past the dog park is the Altzaga Rec-centre. This rec-centre has a gym for basketball, handball, etc. as well as a weight training gym and a pool. Conveniently located next to Altzaga Rec-centre are the Jado Ikastetxea (primary and elementary school) and the Ategorri BHI (high school).

Along the Water

The Bilbao Estuary borders the city of Erandio. There are two small piers that sit along the river. These piers are common social settings and fishing locations. They also offer interesting views of the area, including a look at the girthy Arrontegi Zubia (bridge).

The larger of the two piers is located further away from the Arrontegi Bridge. The pier's art pieces and large mural next door add a modern feel. Unwind on one of the many places to sit while enjoying the views up and down the estuary.

Erandio is an area of Greater Bilbao that is often overlooked. Historically industrial Erandio is being transformed. You can see the change in the plazas and in the creation of many places for children to thrive. The centrally located metro station makes it easy to reach and it is a stone's throw from downtown. This gentrified urban pocket has a lot going for it.

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