Basauri Station: Exploring Metro Bilbao


Basauri Station is the last station on line two of Metro Bilbao's subway network. It provides great access to this hillside neighbourhood. Basauri has a great community feel, lots of children's playgrounds and plenty of green space. At the end of the tracks there's lots to find.

Top of the City

The Basauri Skatepark is located at the top of Basauri, next to the soccer fields. This skatepark is a decent size and has multiple bowls and ramps to do tricks on. There is a concrete halfpipe if you're into vert. There could be more rails incorporated into the park however, there are still some rails to grind and boardslide on.

Above the skatepark is a small playground next to the soccer fields. The soccer fields are fenced in and have artificial turf. The playground is better for older kids than toddlers. If you have younger children there is a park that's most suitable for them across the street in Zortziko Plaza.

Zortziko Plaza is located in the horseshoe of a white multi story residential. There are a few cafes on the ground floor to enjoy while your kids run around. The playground is made up of two different structures that are targeted for different ages. Both parks have slides, and bridges but vary in size and ease of use.


At the top of Basauri, next to the soccer fields and schools is an entrance to some great hiking trails. The ascent to Montefuerte is off of a dirt logging road that will take you to the saddle of the mountain.

At the saddle there are sign posts that point to destinations with the distance in metres. One of the options is to go to some ruins that aren't far from the saddle. The ruins are made up of a couple walls that are slowly succumbing to the elements. These aren't the most impressive ruins of Biscay, however, the area does possess a unique view of the city.

From the saddle you can also go to the top of either peak or continue forward to Montefuente Park. Montefuente Park is a large park on the opposite side of the hill from the city of Basauri. It is one of the largest parks in Greater Bilbao and has a lot of terrain to explore.

One of the coolest features of Montefuente Park is the giant tile monument of the crest of Biscay. It is easily visible from the busy A-8 highway opposite the valley. It is a great place for having your picture taken.

Social Antzokia

The lower exit of the Metro station comes out behind the City Hall. When you get to the front of the building you can see Arizgoitiko Plaza. Walk along the sidewalk and pass by this plaza until you get to the Theatre. It is only a couple blocks from the City Hall and is impossible to miss.

The theatre is painted purple and framed with large grey concrete bricks. If that isn't a give away, it reads Social Antzokia in large lettering at the front of the building. This cultural hub is much more than a cinema. Along with being able to see movies, it offers a great place to see live performances and children's programming.

Whether you have a small child, enjoy the theatre, or want to see live music the Social Antzokia has programming for you. Unfortunately, they do not offer an English version of their website, so make sure to use that translation button on your web browser.

Check out there website here: Social Antzokia

River walk

Behind the Social Antzokia is a pathway that will lead you down to the River Walk. This river walk is at the lowest point of Basauri and is along the Nervion River. If you take the trail downstream it concludes near the Ariz Metro Station but before the merging of the Nervion and Ibaizabal River.

Heading up stream the trail ends near the Arrigorriaga Renfe Station, on line C3. The walk upstream from the Social Antzokia is roughly 3km one way. 

Trintxera Playground

This could be the best outdoor play area in Basuari. Located in a recessed section of the city, it's right beside the Social Antzokia. The playground is great for younger children. It has many different climbing structures and slides. It is below the road and it is relatively quiet.

Under the bridge, next to the playground is a basketball and table tennis court. The far side has seating setup like it is an amphitheatre. Behind the amphitheatre is another small plaza that allows dogs to be off leash.

The views down the valley that was shaped by the Nervion River provides an interesting perspective of the area.

Basurto Station gives access to many fun activities in the southside of Greater Bilbao. If you're interested in hiking and river walks, then this area is calling you. If you're looking for activities for the kids then hit up the Trintxera playground and the Social Antzokia. If you're into sports there is a great soccer field and a better skatepark waiting for you. If you're looking for somewhere to adventure there is no need for the last station to be your last choice.

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