Armintza: A Day Trip to the Coast


Armintza is a small town with a lot of beauty. Located just 20 kilometers from downtown Bilbao. This beautiful oceanside town is a perfect place to go when seeking a quick getaway or a day trip. 

Armintza is definitely worth visiting. It is a wonderful destination to spend a warm sunny day. It is not a large town, with a population of roughly 600. It has a walkable break water that is a must do while in Armintza. It also boasts a great area for children to play, a portside restaurant and a short hike to a mountain top with an incredible view.


The play area in Armintza is in the centre of the city and is a great place for children. The playground itself stands under a stained glass blue roof. This is becoming common in the province of Biscay so that children can still utilize the play structures on rainy days.

Next to the playground is a fenced in court for basketball or soccer. The waist high walls that surround the court are great for keeping errant soccer balls from getting away.

In the area there is also a small climbing structure and a built in ping pong table. You do need to bring your paddles and ball. So if you are craving a game of table tennis, come prepared.

Once finished at the park, keep heading down towards the main features of the town, the port and breakwater


When you reach the port, you will see the breakwater and people walking along it. The breakwater has two levels, a lower inner level and a higher outer level. It is a beautiful old stone structure that surrounds the port and twists its way out towards the sea.

When you come around the last corner, you will see an expansive view of the ocean. At the end of the breakwater there is a red beacon and usually some fishers as well.

When you turn around to head back to town, you get a great look at the town behind the breakwater and an awesome view of the flanking hill being eroded by the ocean.

Portside Dining

Next to the port is a very popular restaurant with a large patio on the far side. A playground, in the shape of a boat, is strategically located beside the patio for children to play. There is a playground in the shape of a boat beside the patio for children to play. This is a popular place for locals and visitors to eat, drink and intermingle.

Playa de Armintza

On the opposite side of town from the port is the main beach in Armintza. It is in a rocky cove with only a few houses around it. This is not only a popular place for swimmers but it is also a place where people snorkel and scuba dive. 

Armintza Mendi

The Armintza Mendi is a small hike up the hill that separates the cove where the port is located and the cove where the playa is located. At the top of the hill is a monument of a cross that protects the town. The summit also provides an outstanding view of the town, coastline, and the Cantabrian Sea.

Armintza is a small town that possesses an incredible amount of beauty. The short walk out to the end of the breakwater is spectacular. The beach is a secluded place to relax and snorkel, while the port side dining is a perfect way to cap the trip. Make the most of your day and adventure to Armintza. 

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