Exploring Metro Bilbao:  Algorta Station


Algorta Station is located in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood in Getxo. This suburb of Bilbao has wonderful parks, restaurants, views, and much more. The goal of this article is to illuminate some of the best qualities of the area. We curated a circuit that could be walked in about half an hour. You should take much longer than this however as this is about the experience not a race.

Bilbao's metro system is terrific. It allows you to travel around Greater Bilbao with ease. With 41 stations over 2 lines, Metro Bilbao provides ample opportunity to explore this great city. From Plentzia to Basauri there is plenty to see and do.

We at Authentic Basque Country will be exploring what to see and do within a short radius of every station. We will be jumping around Metro Bilbao learning and sharing about each community that has their own station. If you've got any suggestions or tips of what we should see and do we would love to hear from you! Email us at hello@authenticbasquecountry.com or DM us on Instagram using the handle @authenticbasquecountry.

Algorta Station

This excursion begins and ends at Algorta Station, line 1, zone 2 of the Metro Bilbao Network. This station opened in 1995. Surrounding stations are Bidezabal & Aiboa. 

Plaza Estacion de Algorta / Algortako Geltokia

When you leave Algorta station you will immediately arrive at Algorta Station Plaza. This vibrant area has a variety of retail stores, restaurants, and cafes. Many of these establishments offer patios that are well frequented by locals. If you aren't interested in buying Stiletto's (there is a store here) you may be tempted by a pastry.

This area is also one of the best places for children. There are several playgrounds beside each other for children of different ages. These playgrounds are weather protected by multiple stain-glass roofs. It is common for parents to be enjoying the conveniently located patios located adjacent to the park.

Leave the plaza on Calle Telletxe Kalea in order to head to your next location. If you are leaving the plaza and the covered playgrounds are on your right then you are headed in the correct direction. Take your first left on Avenue Algortako Etorbidea then your first right on Andrés Cortina Kalea (street). San Nikolas Plaza will be roughly 100 steps ahead on your left.

San Nikolas Plaza

San Nikolas Plaza is headlined by the Church of San Nikolas. You will know you are there when you see the open square and the arches of the church. Within the arches is a pelota court. Pelota is a Basque sporting tradition that is most similar to squash. Near the church there is a choice of restaurants with large patios spreading into the plaza.

If you stray to the left of the plaza you can see the front of this beautiful church as well as the Muxikebarri Arts and Cultural Centre. The Muxikebarri is a wonderfully constructed modern building that contrasts the Church of San Nikolas in a splendid fusion of architectural stylings.

Leaving the plaza on the Muxikebarri side with your back to the church take your first right down Avenue Basagoiti Etorbidea. If you stay on this road you will end up in Portu Zaharra. You will know you have arrived because all the buildings will be white with green trim.

Portu Zaharra

Once you have arrived in Portu Zaharra you should "get lost" for a little while. Wandering the streets of this old port is well worth it. There are few places that are anything like this historic little village. If you do find yourself legitimately getting lost just remember that if you are surrounded by white buildings with white trim you haven't left Portu Zaharra. Eventually you want to make your way down the hillside towards that water.

At the bottom of the stairs of Portu Zaharra there restaurants that overlook the old port and the current Port of Bilbao in the distance. If you haven't had a pintxo or a drink up to this point, now may be a good time. The atmosphere and views are amazing.

Seaside to the Algorta-Ereaga Elevator

When you're ready to move on, walk along the sea wall towards the beach on your left. The road is called Muelle Ereaga Kaia, however the walking path is segregated. As you come around the first bend, Potru Zaharra will come to an end and Maria Christina Park will begin. This park is very green and has benches and walking trails.

Ereaga Beach is your next destination. It is just under a kilometer long of white sand beach. There is a beach house restaurant, a park, and public washrooms, etc. Across the street from the beach is the Algorta-Ereaga Ascensor (Elevator). It runs 9am to 11pm seven days a week. The cost to take the elevator is less than a Euro. The views from the glass elevator are well worth the price of admission.

At the top, the elevator exits at a small plaza. It is another location that offers million dollar views. Leave the plaza to the left on Avenue Basagoiti Etorbidea. This avenue will take you directly to Plaza Satistegi.

Plaza Satistegi to Tellagorri Plaza

Plaza Satistegi to Tellagorri Plaza is a small section of street that is wonderful. Restaurants and bars line the way filled with people laughing and telling stories.

Plaza Satistegi is the smaller of the two and is packed with patios. In the center is a small social area with a drinking fountain off to the side. Continue down Av. Basagoiti Etorbidea to get to Tellagorri Paza. This welcoming stretch of road is for pedestrian traffic only.

Tellagorri Plaza is no more than 200 steps away. It is a triangular plaza with children and a patio cut out of one side. The plaza itself is raised above the surrounding area. It is common for families to be playing here. This stretch of Algorta provides a larger sense of community.

To head back to Algorta Station move right of the plaza, where it slopes down, till you reach Avenue Basagoiti Etorbidea. Follow Avenue Basagoiti Etorbidea till your first right on Juan Bautista Zabala Kalea. This street leads directly to Algorta Station.

Algorta Station is a great launching pad for experiencing this part of Greater Bilbao. It has all you could ask for. Safe places for kids to play, great food and incredible views. If that isn't enough there are cultural hubs, beaches, and the old port. Opened in 1995, Algorta Station has been connecting people with awesome experiences ever since.

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