7 Very Best Playgrounds in Bilbao


If you have kids, you know that these little balls of energy need time to run around and to play. An outing to a great playground is part of the fun of being a child. However, not all playgrounds are created equal. With that in mind, here is our current list for the best playgrounds in Bilbao.

We haven't been to every playground in Greater Bilbao but we have been to a lot of them. We get around. After all we have seen and played on here is our Top 7 recommendations for best playground in Bilbao. 

7: Zorroza Park: This playground has multiple sections for different age groups. The variety is nice. The section for older kids has a roof, so it's perfect on rainy days. A community centre, a fronton court and a off-leash dog park are some of the added features. 

6: Rekalde Park: This playground has three sections that vary from toddlers to the more advance. There is a cool tree house section, many swing sets, a rope obstacle course, and trampolines.

5: Guggenheim Park: The Guggenheim playground has two sections. One is for younger kids and offers a tree house style play structure and a bunch of spring rockers. The other side offers a balance beam, a rotary spinner and an incredible rope obstacle course that is unmatched in the city. It isn't uncommon to see parents using it too!

4: Santurtzi Park

The Santurtzi playground is made of two tall independent fort-like structures that are connected through a series of bridges, ramps and obstacles. Each of the two tall structures has a long tall slide for an easy escape.

There are also several smaller play structures so there is quite a bit of variety. Swing sets, spring rockers and a boat themed playground keep the kids interested.

The larger park has beautiful large palm trees, wide walkways, green grass and plenty of seating. A picturesque pergola stands in the middle of the park that will draw your attention. Don't be surprised to find yourself needing to walk around the park on your first visit here.

3: Olabeaga Park

The playground in Olabeaga is maritime themed and divided into three sections. The main feature of the playground is a giant wooden pirate ship. Inside the ship is a network of ropes for climbing. There is even a mast that you can climb to be on the lookout.

The second section has a jumping mat, and a rope swing or zipline. It's low enough that it's not too risky for kids to drop to the ground or for you to help them down. A long metal slide is strategically placed for sliding towards the third section.

The third, lowest section has a large swinging platform that can be used by several kids at the same time. It's a popular activity for older children.

2: Portugalete Park

The Portugalete playground is awesome. It has three slides that vary in height and number of curves. The three towers that make up this playground are joined together by a series of elevated tunnels. To reach the highest slide kids navigate a series of obstacles throughout the park. Put simply, it is like a maze but with no dead ends.

There is also a multi person swing enjoyable for preschoolers and grandparents. Also, the fact that it's covered probably makes it the best park for rainy days.

Located close to the Cercanias Portugalete Station, this playground is easily accessible

On nice days the Riverwalk goes a long way and is worth walking. It passes under the UNESCO recognized Puente Bizkaia. If you're visiting make sure it's on your bucket list.

1: Loiu Park

The playground in Loiu is castle themed. It's tall, has multiple areas for climbing and a plethora of slides for all ages. The largest of the slides gets you going at a pretty good speed.

There is a rope swing that can go pretty fast when you want it to. If you do go fast it ends abruptly and can make the swing whip back. This sounds more dramatic than it actually is. For most kids this seems to be the point.

The larger park has another playground that is roofed for rainy day enjoyment." This playground is definitely geared towards children of a younger age. Next to this playground is a skate park, a walled soccer field and tennis courts

In the summer months there is also a water park. All in all this park and playground are amazing.

When it comes to playgrounds in Bilbao, they come in all different shapes and sizes, some covered and some not. In addition to our top favorite playgrounds, there are a ton of others out there. Our favorite playgrounds will tucker out your most active 'ball of energy' while creating fun childhood memories. Have some fun. They will do that here.

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