Mungia: 4 Fun Family Friendly Activities


Mungia is a great place to check out. This quiet and pleasant part of Biscay is the perfect place to come to let life slow down for a while. The city center has enough to keep you entertained without leaving you feeling like you need to hustle to get around to everything. Less than a half hour drive from Bilbao, Here are the four activities you should enjoy while sampling life in Mungia.

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Honorable Mention.

The GR 280 Uribe trail is definitely worth walking. It is a long stretch of paved trail that goes on forever. Well not actually, but you can take it all the way to Plentzia where the land meets the Cantabrian Sea.

The distance from Mungia to Plentzia is roughly 17km (10.5 miles) and is described as easy in terms of difficulty. The English website is quite useful.

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4: Izenaduba Basoa

The Izenaduba Basoa is a park dedicated to the exploration of Basque mythology. Though it is directed more towards children, there are enough adult focused features to keep the whole family amused.

Its footprint is over 6,000 square meters (64,000 square feet) and boasts a plethora of different games and interactive activities. There is even a 3D simulator that entertains everyone of all ages.

At last check the entrance fee for Adults was 9.80 Euros and 8 for children. You can also set up a guided tour and book your kids birthday party at the ground

There is no English Izenaduba Basoa website so you'll have to use the translation function on your browser if you don't read Spanish or Basque.

3: Torre de Villela-Torrebillela

The Villela-Torrebillela was built in the late 14th century and is quite captivating. Its medieval facade makes you want to romanticize the time that was. Circling the building is a worthwhile venture as it really lets you become immersed in the architecture and history.

This former castle is open to the public so feel free to go inside and have a look around. It has been converted into a cultural center that includes a library, cinema, and much more. Like most public ventures in the Basque region, it is closed on Sundays.

2: Bordatxua and Torrebillela Park

Boratxua is a restaurant in the center of Torebillela Park. It has many food and beverage options that are sure to please. Enjoy a pintxo and a sidra and take a load off your feet for a while. There is a large patio which is great on a hot day.

The park itself is an island surrounded by the Butron River. The river provides a calming and tranquil vibe. There is a small cascade at the far end of the park. The opposite side from the Torre de Villela-Torrebillela. It is quite shaded due to the large trees that polka dot the park. There are three separate playgrounds that you will see children alternating between.

1: Matxin Enparantza Plaza

The main plaza is Matxin Enparantza Plaza and is the cultural focal point of the city. This square packs a high punch due to its close proximity to many local sights. The coolest feature of the plaza is the giant M monument proudly displaying both the city and Basque flags. In the background you will see the ayuntamiento (city hall).

The plaza has several restaurants, a small stage for performances, a playground, and much more. This Matxin Plaza is also where many of the local festivals take place. It is undoubtedly the one place you must see on your trip to Mungia. Have fun!

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