Florida Parkea is a 200 year old site of relaxation and beauty. It possesses beautiful French botanical gardens, whimsical pathways and art pieces. This park is a welcome oasis from the summer's sun and has nearly 200 different species of plants and trees. It's where the birds come to join in choir and where you can go to recharge and find escape....

If there is one place that you have to see in Vitoria it's Plaza de la Virgen Blanca. This square is in the center of town and almost always has something going on. The patios are vibrant and the cameras are active. If you are looking to bask in the culture of Basque, look no further.

The coat of arms of Alava was officially recognized by the Government of Spain in December of 1984. The history of the crest goes back much further and its roots are one of the oldest in Basque Country. It's evolution has had many steps along it's journey and is a symbol of pride and justice.