Authentic Basque Country (ABC) is a lifestyle, travel, cuisine, and culture website based on learning about and exploring all things Basque. It is the most popular English language blog that focuses solely on the Basque region.

How it came to be:

ABC was founded by Adam Wilkinson, in 2021, shortly after moving to Bilbao, Biscay. Adam first arrived from Canada without a work permit and began ABC as a pet project to promote and share his new homeland with his family.

The two main characters that Adam adventures with are his young, half-Basque daughter and his elderly lethal white Australian Shepard. If you pay attention they'll be in some of the photos throughout the site.

We hope that you are having as much fun enjoying ABC as we are creating and expanding it.  

One last thing. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, ideas for collaborations, etc. We always like hearing from you.

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