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This charming city sits on the border of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia (Biscay). Eibar, sprawls along a thin valley with the Ego River flowing through it. The city centre is not very large and you can enjoy a day wandering the kaleas (streets), and taking in the many parks Eiber provides.

Basque Country has many wonderful and special elements. It is well known to be rich in language and culture. It is also rich in environmental and geological phenomena. The flysch that frame the Basque coast are absolutely splendid. This geological treasure is on full display in Basque Country.

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Authentic Basque Country was started by Adam, on a rainy day in Gorliz, Biscay.

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If there is one place that you have to see in Vitoria it's Plaza de la Virgen Blanca. This square is in the center of town and almost always has something going on. The patios are vibrant and the cameras are active. If you are looking to bask in the culture of Basque, look no further.