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This charming city sits on the border of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia (Biscay). Eibar, sprawls along a thin valley with the Ego River flowing through it. The city centre is not very large and you can enjoy a day wandering the kaleas (streets), and taking in the many parks Eiber provides.

Authentic Basque Country was started by Adam, on a rainy day in Biscay.

The walls of Pamplona are incredible. They very well may be the most impressive feat of ancient fortification outside of the Great Wall of China. At a length of over five kilometers the walls protect the old city of Pamplona. Passing through the gates is like passing through the wardrobe into Narnia.

The Taconera Gardens in Pamplona is one of the most peaceful places to spend some time, while in Navarre. This place of tranquility has beautiful flowers, birds in choir and perfectly choreographed pathways that play tour guide. Enchanting guests since its conception in 1830, these gardens continue to romance visitors. Come and immerse yourself in...